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She/HerWife. Twin mom. Dog mom. Avid reader. Extroverted Introvert.

Want to Read

505 books

Currently Reading

15 books


775 books

Did Not Finish

0 books

2024 release TBR

12 books

Read in 2024

1 book

Books I Want My Children To Read

6 books

On Hold

1 book

Harry Potter All Day Long

16 books


3 books

Constantly Classic

6 books

Notoriously Non Fictitous

5 books

Continuously Cooking

2 books

Magnificently Mysterious

14 books


12 books

Not My Fave

9 books

Books I Think Brayden Would Like

2 books

James Patterson

63 books

Fabulously Fictitious

19 books

Royally Romantic

30 books
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