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The addictive combination of video, memes, and music on the social network of TikTok has inspired an entire generation of readers. The corner of TikTok dedicated to books has 16 billion views, propelling great books into the spotlight.

BookTokers capture the ‘visceral reaction’ to a book, which doesn’t come across in a written review. These posts can attract millions of views, and rekindle an appreciation of books in young readers.
- The Guardian

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The mainstream media has started to pay attention to TikTok where thousands of readers gather every day to share their favorite books.
TikTok readers created the BookTok hashtag for these conversations, inspiring more young creators to share video reactions to stories. In fact, the hashtag has been viewed more than 23 billion times on TikTok!
NBC News explained how the algorithms behind TikTok drive discovery, delivering personalized selections of videos about books: 
“TikTok shows users videos on their uniquely curated For You pages by considering what videos they have engaged with in the past, weighing factors like hashtags and songs featured in each video."
What Are the Top Books on TikTok?
We’ve rounded up some great recommendations from TikTok creators on Fable. You can read these books along with the TikTok creators, or start your own book club to read these selections.
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Discover More TikTok Book Recommendations on Fable
Selene Velez (or moongirlreads_ on TikTok) was the first BookTok creator to join Fable, creating the YA Book Club focused on strong, diverse women of color navigating a world that doesn’t seem built for them. She also collected her favorite diverse YA book recommendations in a special Folio. 
 Watch Selene’s fabulous "Books that will make you SOB" video for more recommendations!
Other BookTok stars on Fable include Faye, the creator behind the TikTok account @literarylesbian. They help more than 100,000 followers find great and representative books in the young adult and LGBTQ+ genres at the Queer YA Book Club.
The Spicy Romance Book Club is another TikTok-inspired club. Hosted by BookTokker @aymansbooks, the club provides a safe and welcoming place for 347,000 followers to read “books that are guaranteed to make you swoon” together!
Kimmy's Infinite TBR Book Club will help you escape into an immersive world of New Adult books. Kimberly is an unapologetically Black romance reader who creates videos on TikTok behind the account @kimmybookss.
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