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Star Trek has inspired more than 850 books and countless authors. Start your journey today!

Star Trek forced me to reconsider my beliefs on life and death as well as right and wrong. The core Star Trek value of inclusion became the foundation of my own philosophy.
- Dr. Ali Mattu

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Where Can I Read Star Trek Novels?
For more than 50 years, the Star Trek franchise has inspired more than 850 books, including short story collections, film novelizations, and stand-alone novels. Each of these stories has helped generations of fans learn more about the science fiction franchise and learn more about themselves too! 
“Star Trek taught me that by using science, technology, and exploration we could push the human race forward,” wrote Dr. Ali Mattu, a psychologist obsessed with the mental wellness benefits of science fiction. He continued:
“As I grew up, Star Trek challenged my world views. Episodes forced me to reconsider my beliefs on life and death as well as right and wrong. The core Star Trek value of inclusion ("infinite diversity in infinite combinations") became the foundation of my own philosophy.”
What are good Star Trek books to read?
Star Trek books is a huge category, containing everything from official books to fan fiction to great books written by authors who once wrote for Star Trek. 
We’ve collected books in different genres for you to read next, starting with some great Star Trek fiction and nonfiction.
Star Trek: Discovery: Wonderlands by Una McCormack digital book - Fable

Star Trek: Discovery: Wonderlands

By Una McCormack

In a desperate attempt to prevent the artificial intelligence known as Control from seizing crucial information that could destroy all sentient life, Commander Michael Burnham donned the “Red Angel” time-travel suit.

Star Trek: First Contact  by J.M. Dillard digital book - Fable

Star Trek: First Contact

By J.M. Dillard

From the deepest, darkest reaches of space came the greatest threat the United Federation of Planets had ever faced: the Borg, a half-organic, half-mechanical species relentlessly bent on conquering and “assimilating” all intelligent life.

Star Trek: Discovery: Die Standing  by John Jackson Miller digital book - Fable

Star Trek: Discovery: Die Standing

By John Jackson Miller

Escorted by a team sent by an untrusting Federation to watch over Philippa Georgiou, ruler of the Terran Empire, she journeys to a region forbidden to travelers. But will what she finds there end the threat—or create her old empire anew?

Star Trek: Titan #4: Sword of Damocles  by Geoffrey Thorne digital book - Fable

Star Trek: Titan #4: Sword of Damocles

By Geoffrey Thorne

The fourth novel in the bestselling Star Trek Titan series! Fate: It is an idea as old as life itself. Do our choices shape the future, or is it the other way around?

Star Trek: Picard: Rogue Elements by John Jackson Miller digital book - Fable

Star Trek: Picard: Rogue Elements

By John Jackson Miller

Starfleet was everything for Cristóbal Rios—until one horrible, inexplicable day when it all went wrong. Aimless and adrift, he grasps at a chance for a future as a captain in an area betrayed by the Federation. His greatest desire: to be left alone.

The Physics of Star Trek  by Lawrence M. Krauss  digital book - Fable

The Physics of Star Trek

By Lawrence M. Krauss

Lawrence M. Krauss boldly goes where Star Trek has gone-and beyond. From Newton to Hawking, from Einstein to Feynman, from Kirk to Picard, Krauss leads readers on a voyage to the world of physics as we now know it and as it might one day be.

Star Trek Cocktails  by Glenn Dakin digital book - Fable

Star Trek Cocktails

By Glenn Dakin

Set your taste-buds to stunned! These Cosmic recipes will take you where no one has gone before. They're cocktails, Jim, but not as you know them...

Star Trek The Collectibles  by Steve Kelley digital book - Fable

Star Trek The Collectibles

By Steve Kelley

This book provides a wide-range of Star Trek treasures you can appreciate whether you're a devoted Trekkie or a novice collector of this epic American science-fiction franchise.

Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy  by William Irwin digital book - Fable

Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy

By William Irwin

Reunite the editors of Star Trek and Philosophy with Starfleet’s finest experts for 31 new, highly logical essays featuring a complete examination of the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek and American Television  by Roberta Pearson digital book - Fable

Star Trek and American Television

By Roberta Pearson

This book is a deft historical and critical study that is bound to appeal to television and media studies scholars, students, and Star Trek fans the world over.

Books by Great Authors Who Wrote Star Trek Episodes
Countless authors count Star Trek as an inspiration, including LeVar Burton, a Star Trek actor and an author on Fable. Burton pushed American pop culture fans to look toward the future,” wrote Robert Greene II at The Portalist
“In his role as chief engineer Geordi La Forge on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Burton inspired a generation of Trek fans to look to the stars, as their parents and older siblings had done with The Original Series in the 1960s.”
You can read LeVar Burton book recommendations or join the LeVar Burton book club on Fable. Or try some of these authors!
Aftermath by LeVar Burton digital book - Fable


By LeVar Burton

Three strangers are drawn together to rescue someone they have never met, a woman who holds the key to a new future for humanity—one remarkably brimming with hope.

Our Town  by Jerome Bixby digital book - Fable

Our Town

By Jerome Bixby

After an atomic bomb blast, a bunch of senior citizens are all that's left of a small town. They shoot down any aircraft that comes in low enough to be shot, not caring which side it might be from...

I Am Legend  by Richard Matheson digital book - Fable

I Am Legend

By Richard Matheson

The population of the entire world has been obliterated by a pandemic of vampire bacteria. Yet somehow, Robert Neville survived. He must now struggle to make sense of what happened and learn to protect himself against the vampires who hunt him nightly.

Selected Stories by Theodore Sturgeon digital book - Fable

Selected Stories

By Theodore Sturgeon

Wondrous, horrifying, achingly human: The best short stories by “one of the greatest writers of science fiction and fantasy who ever lived” (Stephen King).

Deathbird Stories  by Harlan Ellison digital book - Fable

Deathbird Stories

By Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison lays bare the human condition in modern society as ancient gods fade and new deities rise to appease the masses—gods of technology, drugs, gambling, materialism—that are as insubstantial as the beliefs of those who venerate them.

The Ultroom Error by Jerry Sohl digital book - Fable

The Ultroom Error

By Jerry Sohl

This Crowded Earth by Robert Bloch digital book - Fable

This Crowded Earth

By Robert Bloch

This Crowded Earth is a taut and compelling story about an all too possible future. Earth is overcrowded and its resources are being taxed to the limit. The government has a desperate plan, but will it work and at what price?

Hella by David Gerrold digital book - Fable


By David Gerrold

A master of science fiction introduces a world where everything is large and the problems of survival even larger in this exciting new novel. Hella is a planet where everything is oversized—especially the ambitions of the colonists.

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