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Fable Managing Your Health

The Fable bookstore has books to help you with every aspect of health management, everything from exercise to nutrition and even stress relief.

Health books can aid your mental health toolkit by providing different techniques, scientific research, and stories of others who have faced the same hurdles.
- Jillian Goltzman

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Why is Reading Good for Your Health?
When it comes to managing your health, reading is a powerful tool. Books can do more than just provide you with knowledge — they can help relieve stress, improve your memory, and even help you live longer.
Beyond the physical and mental benefits of reading, there are many books that can help you manage your health. There are books on nutrition, exercise, and even books that give you the tools you need to live a healthier lifestyle. 
Top Book Recommendations to Help Manage Your Health
The Fable bookstore has books to help you with every aspect of health management, everything from exercise to nutrition and even stress relief.
“Health books can be a useful way to process your experiences, learn about psychology, and often find techniques and tools to help you in your daily life,” said Healthline reporter Jillian Goltzman.
“Health books can aid your mental health toolkit by providing different techniques, scientific research, and stories of others who have faced the same hurdles.”
If you're looking for a place to start, start with a few of the handpicked books from Fable. 
The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan  digital book - Fable

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

By Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan launched a national conversation about what we eat and the profound consequences that even the simplest everyday food choices have on both ourselves and the natural world.

Yoga as Medicine  by Timothy McCall M.D.  digital book - Fable

Yoga as Medicine

By Timothy McCall M.D.

Yoga as Medicine shows how experts have applied the wisdom of this ancient holistic practice to twenty different conditions, defining Yoga as “a systematic technology to improve the body, understand the mind, and free the spirit.”

Blessed Health by Dr. Melody T. McCloud digital book - Fable

Blessed Health

By Dr. Melody T. McCloud

Blessed Health offers African American women the medical information and inspirational motivation they need to achieve total health in mind, body, and spirit.

The Mind-Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer  digital book - Fable

The Mind-Gut Connection

By Emeran Mayer

The Mind-Gut Connection teaches us how, with a few simple changes to our diet and lifestyle, we can enjoy a happier mindset, enhanced immunity, a decreased risk of developing neurological diseases, and even lose weight.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg  digital book - Fable

The Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg

In The Power of Habit, award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg takes us to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed.

The Hormone Cure  by Sara Gottfried  digital book - Fable

The Hormone Cure

By Sara Gottfried

The New York Times bestselling guide to hormone balance that helps women of all ages achieve increased energy, resilience, vitality, and sensuality through science-based natural therapies.

The End of Overeating  by David A. Kessler  digital book - Fable

The End of Overeating

By David A. Kessler

The End of Overeating exposes the food industry's aggressive marketing tactics and reveals shocking facts about how we lost control over food—and what we can do to get it back.

Spontaneous Healing  by Andrew Weil, M.D. digital book - Fable

Spontaneous Healing

By Andrew Weil, M.D.

The body can heal itself. Drawing on fascinating case histories as well as medical techniques from around the world, Dr. Andrew Weil shows how spontaneous healing has worked to resolve life-threatening diseases, severe trauma, and chronic pain.

 Yoga and the Quest for the True Self  by Stephen Cope  digital book - Fable

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

By Stephen Cope

In this irreverent modern-day Pilgrim's Progress, Stephen Cope introduces us to an unforgettable cast of contemporary seekers—on the road to enlightenment carrying all the baggage of the human condition.

The One-Minute Workout  by Martin Gibala  digital book - Fable

The One-Minute Workout

By Martin Gibala

Martin Gibala’s work demonstrates that very short, intense bursts of exercise may be the most potent form of workout available. The One-Minute Workout solves the number-one reason we don’t exercise: lack of time. Because everyone has one minute.

The Champion’s Mind by Jim Afremow  digital book - Fable

The Champion’s Mind

By Jim Afremow

With hundreds of useful tips, breakthrough science, and cutting-edge workouts from the world's top trainers, The Champion's Mind will help you shape your body to ensure a longer, healthier, happier life.

Foodology  by Saliha Mahmood Ahmed digital book - Fable


By Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

Foodology will take you on a joint culinary and scientific journey through the gut. It is an unapologetic celebration of what Saliha Mahood Ahmed believes to be the most amazing organ of the body, that will enhance and enlighten the way you cook and eat.

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Fable makes it easy to share their thoughts and connect with others through book clubs. With our platform, you can host every aspect of an online discussion at a single destination, to reach readers and build safe online communities regardless of location or time zone. 
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