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Post-Roe Reading

Curated by Robin Marty

About the Curator
Robin Marty is the Director of Operations for West Alabama Women’s Center (formerly the largest abortion provider in the state of Alabama), and the author of “A New Handbook for a Post-Roe America” and “The End of Roe v. Wade.” Her work can be found at NBC, Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Politico, Rolling Stone and more.
The recent reversal of Roe v. Wade rolled back the fight for women’s equality by half a century or more. To regain momentum, we need to understand how we got to this moment, why our fight must be intersectional, and what weapons we can take into our own hands – with or without the government’s permission. I hope this list will meet all of these needs.

Book selections

Robin Marty book recommendations - Fable

Our Bodies, Ourselves

Boston Women's Health Book Collective

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Our Bodies, Ourselves

Our Bodies, Ourselves

By Boston Women's Health Book Collective
If you ever wanted to point to a sign that the right to abortion and birth control was in imminent danger, the canary in the coal mine should have been when the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective announced in 2018 that was no longer creating new content on its website or for its iconic book “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” Initially an information booklet provided to patients as part of post-abortion care, OBOS evolved into 700-page feminist masterpiece. Part medical guide, part women’s history book, part commentary on the commercialization of medicine and part radical call to arms for sex and gender equality, this book is a must have, regardless of which edition you purchase.

Robin Marty

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