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Intentional Parenting

Curated by Momma Cusses

About the Curator
Gwenna Laithland got her start as a professional writer at the age of 18. She started Momma Cusses in 2019 to normalize modern motherhood and give moms a place to connect and feel less alone.

About the Folio

Most parents start out as reactive. Something happens, you react, you move on, and hopefully, your reaction was good. I practice what I call “intentional parenting.” With intentional parenting, you consider your choices, how your behavior impacts your child, and the consequences of your action (or inaction!). Anytime you pick up a parenting book, no matter whether you loved it or hated it, that is an act of intentional parenting. Here are four great books to get you started!

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Hunt, Gather, Parent

Michaeleen Doucleff

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Hunt, Gather, Parent

Hunt, Gather, Parent

By Michaeleen Doucleff
What we know about parenting in the Western world is based on some really strange assumptions. If your kids didn’t get eaten or die from eating nightshade berries back in the day, that was successful parenting! Michaeleen Doucleff is an award-winning correspondent for NPR’s Science Desk, and her book explores how parenting has been done since the dawn of humanity. I was a history major in college, so I loved Douclef’s idea of combining anthropology, childhood development, and parenting in her book.

Momma Cusses

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