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Curated by David Sedaris

About the Curator
David Sedaris is the bestselling author of books including “Calypso,” “When You Are Engulfed in Flames,” “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim,” and “Me Talk Pretty One Day.” He is a regular contributor to The New Yorker and BBC Radio 4.

About the Folio

I’ve always loved reading biographies. As a rule they start with the subject’s parents or grandparents. C’mon, I think, Let’s get a move on. I’m impatient with childhoods as well, though I dare not skip ahead and risk missing some vital connection. I’m always looking for the moment when the subject comes into his or her artistic self, when they’re “born” in a sense. It’s equally fascinating when the subject self-destructs, and that, I suppose, is why I found these books to be so brutally compelling.

Book selections

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Dorothy Parker

Marion Meade

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Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker

By Marion Meade
Another great biography of a super irritating subject. Parker’s writing continues to astonish. Nearly a hundred years after her early stories were published they still remain fresh and relevant. When it came to drinking, she was a relatively late starter, as was her fellow Round Tabler, Robert Benchley. Once she started, though, there was no stopping her. The second half of her life was a blur, and by the time she hit seventy, living in New York with an un-housebroken poodle named Cliché, she was a drunken wreck, so bloated from alcohol she was once mistaken for Gertrude Stein.

David Sedaris

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