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Editors’ Picks: September FigureEditors’ Picks: September Figure

Editors’ Picks: September

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Fable’s editorial team is comprised first and foremost of passionate readers. We love to discover great books across genres and share them with readers on Fable.

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It probably comes as no surprise that the Fable editorial team is comprised of some big readers. As we enter what we like to refer to as Big Books Season, we each picked a new release that we’re loving or looking forward to.

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R. F. Kuang

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By R. F. Kuang
Hayley: Babel is a dark historical fantasy that examines the deception ingrained in academia. R.F. Kuang tackles colonialism through different facets of linguistics and translation, her characters unpacking intergenerational trauma while they navigate a world and system built by imperialist monsters. A healthy helping of darkness along with academia, “Babel” brings readers beyond just the dark academia aesthetic and fully engrosses its audience in the danger that is involved in the act of translation, and the brokenness of academia.

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