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Carmine Di Sibio’s Top Books

Curated by Carmine Di Sibio

About the Curator
Carmine Di Sibio is the Global Chairman and CEO of EY, one of the largest professional services organizations in the world.

About the Folio

Great leadership is increasingly important in times of uncertainty. The leaders of tomorrow will need to move beyond old-fashioned strictures and embrace humor, positivity, and purpose. In my Folio you’ll find books that explore those topics—and a fun read or two, as well.

Book selections

Carmine Di Sibio book recommendations - Fable

I Love Capitalism!

Ken Langone

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I Love Capitalism!

I Love Capitalism!

By Ken Langone
Ken Langone’s passionate defense of the American Dream is incredibly inspiring. From his unlikely rise to his astonishing career—as co-founder of Home Depot, director of the New York Stock Exchange, and a philanthropist—Langone shows how far hard work, talent, and dedication can take you in this country.

Carmine Di Sibio

Global Chairman and CEO of EY
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