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Where We End & Begin

By Jane Igharo
Where We End & Begin by Jane Igharo digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

“Fans of Sonali Dev and Helen Hoang will find this just their style.”—The New York Times

Star-crossed lovers get a second chance at romance when they’re reunited at a wedding in Nigeria, in a heartfelt novel from the acclaimed author of The Sweetest Remedy.

Dunni hasn’t seen her high school boyfriend, Obinna, since she left Nigeria to attend college in America. Before their devastating separation, they vowed to find their way back to each other one day.
Twelve years later, and their vow is a thing of the past. Dunni works as a geneticist in Seattle and is engaged to a man she doesn’t love but one her parents approve of. Her future is laid out for her, and everything is going according to plan until she returns to Nigeria for a friend’s wedding and runs into Obinna. The shy, awkward boy she loved as a teenager is now a sophisticated, confident man. Things have changed, but there’s still an undeniable connection between them.
As they rediscover each other, their days filled with desire and passion, Dunni is reminded of the beautiful future she once planned with Obinna. But when devastating secrets are revealed and the reckless actions of their past bring new challenges, she’s left questioning everything, including if the love that consumed her as a teenager is still worth holding on to.

18 Reviews

Expressionless Face“Two stars only for the writing. Dunni was insufferable - self-centered and never took accountability for any of her poor decisions. The side characters weren’t developed - her best friend ever that she went back to Nigeria for for her wedding? Saw her maybe twice, never discussed their friendship. Her dad who seemed semi supportive? Barely mentioned. Her grandma who was actually interesting with her visions that “always came true”?? Wasn’t that big of a part in the book.”
Easy to readVivid
Thumbs Up“This was something else. The characters lacked the depth required to evoke the emotions the author wanted us to feel. By the time the drama started to unfold, just messy and overwhelming .The cheating trope is one this story could have lived without. I strongly wished we had seen the couples co-exist in the real world, for us to believe their love after the got back together.Toward the end everything felt rushed. It didn't come together well.( I really wanted an epilogue). Overall it was a good”
Relatable charactersEasy to readTwistyDescriptiveLighthearted
Thinking Face“There’s a lot to say about this book. I feel the writing was good. The author is v descriptive. However the characters were not it for me. I felt like the cheating trope was not well done (it rarely is). I also feel like the ending was a bit rush and dialogue was lackluster. I was not rooting for them. Yet the story does have some unique traits that made it interesting to read.”
Diverse charactersMorally ambiguousComplexTwistyBeautiful settingDescriptive
Thumbs Up“At first, I must admit, I was kind of bored reading this book. Despite the difficult situation the characters find themselves in, the restart of the relationship was very wholesome. They acted so understanding to each other, no strange communication or inner turmoils. How wrong I was… Then the drama started and it was juicy. But then the plot was just a bit all over the place, enjoyable and thankfully with a happy ending, but all over the place. Still a very enjoyable read! I loved the themes”
Easy to readTwistyInspirationalThought-provoking
Red Angry Face
Diverse charactersEasy to readThought-provoking

About Jane Igharo

Jane Abieyuwa Igharo was born in Nigeria and immigrated to Canada at the age of twelve. She has a journalism degree from the University of Toronto and works as a communications specialist and voice over actress in Ontario, Canada. She writes about strong, audacious, beautifully flawed Nigerian women much like the ones in her life.

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