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By Emilia Hart
Weyward by Emilia Hart digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

WINNER OF TWO GOODREADS CHOICE AWARDS (Best Debut Novel & Best Historical Fiction)

An Indie Next March 2023 Pick • A LibraryReads March 2023 Pick An Amazon "Best Books of the Year So Far" 2023 Pick

"A brave and original debut, Weyward is a spellbinding story about what may transpire when the natural world collides with a legacy of witchcraft." ––Sarah Penner, New York Times bestselling author of The London Séance Society

I am a Weyward, and wild inside.

2019: Under cover of darkness, Kate flees London for ramshackle Weyward Cottage, inherited from a great-aunt she barely remembers. With its tumbling ivy and overgrown garden, the cottage is worlds away from the abusive partner who tormented Kate. But she suspects that her great-aunt had a secret. One that lurks in the bones of the cottage, hidden ever since the witch-hunts of the 17th century.

1619: Altha is awaiting trial for the murder of a local farmer who was stampeded to death by his herd. When Altha was a girl, her mother taught her their magic, a kind not rooted in spell casting but in a deep knowledge of the natural world. But unusual women have always been deemed dangerous, and as the evidence of witchcraft is laid out against Altha, she knows it will take all her powers to maintain her freedom.

1942: As World War II rages, Violet is trapped in her family's grand, crumbling estate. Straitjacketed by societal convention, she longs for the robust education her brother receives––and for her mother, long deceased, who was rumored to have gone mad before her death. The only traces Violet has of her are a locket bearing the initial W and the word weyward scratched into the baseboard of her bedroom.

Weaving together the stories of three extraordinary women across five centuries, Emilia Hart's Weyward is an astonishing debut, and an enthralling novel of female resilience.

3356 Reviews

Loudly Crying Face“Wow. What a beautiful story this turned out to be! This book shattered my heart and then mended it again by the end. I loved the 3 POV’s and I really enjoyed this writing style. It was interesting seeing how a similar story of pain and growth followed the Weyward woman throughout the generations. This book really spoke on how difficult it can be to be a woman living in a world catered to men, how for so long women have been viewed as something to be ‘owned’ by men and nothing more, and then it showed the strength, resilience, and power, these women, and all women, hold inside them. There was a great mix of reality and fantasy intertwined in this story that I really enjoyed, I could not put it down. Definitely one of my favorite reads of the year”
Multi-layered charactersBeautifully writtenDescriptive writingHeartbreakingThought-provoking
Loudly Crying Face“Made me feel such a wide range of emotions throughout. I’ve never seen read such a magical, well-constructed tale of the connection to nature. The “witchcraft” through the family was so interesting because it’s typically depicted with spells but the subtle deep down to connection to nature was so much more powerful. It was so frustrating but real how men’s abuse of power, domestic abuse, and rape was and still is dominating women’s lives. It was hard to keep going and definitely had to take breaks at times when it became too much. A heartbreaking but beautiful, beautiful, beautiful book.”
Characters change and growBeautifully writtenMagical settingDarkHeartbreakingThought-provokingAbuseSexual assault
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“The genres and sub-genres of the specific novel are ones that I enjoy reading. The author, Emilia Hart, did a fantastic job telling the plot through three generations of the Weyward family. It is only books I didn't mind jumping through generation to the other generation on each chapter. In the end, the thread intertwined in a very compelling way. Readers who appreciate atmospheric, emotionally charged stories that explore the intersection of nature, magic, and feminism. Weyward has intense and complex female characters that get help from the transformative power of the natural world; you have to like magical realism to value the specific story. Weyward, with its entwining narratives of three women across five centuries, transported me to a world where the boundaries between reality and the unknown blur, and the power of the natural world is palpable. It left me spellbound with the transformative power of the wild and how Emilia Hart intertwined themes of magic and witchcraft. I am looking forward to reading more stories like that or anything else the author will decide to write in the future.”
Characters change and growMulti-layered charactersBeautifully writtenSuspensefulTwistyMagical settingHeartbreakingThought-provokingAbuse

About Emilia Hart

Emilia Hart is the author of Weyward and The Sirens. She grew up in Australia and studied English Literature at university before training as a lawyer. She now lives in London.

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