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Twisted Games

By Ana Huang
Twisted Games by Ana Huang digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

Stoic, broody, and arrogant, elite bodyguard Rhys Larsen has two rules: 1) Protect his clients at all costs 2) Do not become emotionally involved. Ever. He has never once been tempted to break those rules...until her.

Bridget von Ascheberg. A princess with a stubborn streak and a hidden fire that reduces his rules to ash. She's nothing he expected and everything he never knew he needed. Day by day, inch by inch, she breaks down his defenses until he's faced with a truth he can no longer deny: he swore an oath to protect her, but all he wants is to ruin her.

Because she's his. His princess. His forbidden fruit. His every depraved fantasy.

Regal, strong-willed, and bound by the chains of duty, Princess Bridget dreams of the freedom to live and love as she chooses. But when her brother abdicates, she's suddenly faced with the prospect of a loveless, politically expedient marriage and a throne she never wanted.

And as she navigates the intricacies-and treacheries-of her new role, she must also hide her desire for a man she can't have. Her bodyguard. Her protector. Her ultimate ruin.

Theirs is a love that could destroy a kingdom...and doom them both.

Contains mature themes.

2110 Reviews

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“I loved this book so much. Rhys Larson!! Everything about this book was so precious!!! Tropes- forbidden romance, age gap, princess and bodyguard!”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growLikable charactersBeautifully writtenDescriptive writingEasy to readFast-pacedBeautiful settingRomantic
Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes“Rhys Larsen, I mean come on. Perfect man. But in my opinion nothing could beat Alex Volkov and Ava. I loved Bridget and Rhys together and the ending made me so happy! I just wish there was more to it. It is a standalone, you don’t have to read the other books but I would recommend!!”
Characters change and growOriginal writingAddictiveUnpredictableBeautiful settingMagical settingRomantic
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“this book is my favorite one in the twisted series overall. i read this in less than 24 hours, and i just couldn’t put it down! i adore Bridget and how compassionate and kind she is, but also how, despite the fact that she comes from royalty, just wants to be treated like a normal person. Her determination really shines as you get further into the story. Also Rhys Larsen😭😭😭😭!! he’s so???? i love him to pieces :( the way he never gave up on Bridget just made me 😭😭😭😭😭”
Likable charactersEasy to readHeartbreakingRomantic
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“Rhys Larsen is the perfect book boyfriend. *swoons so hard* He’s the body guard to bubbly Princess Bridget. As they fall for each other Bridget must take the throne when her brother advocates & the king steps down. She & Rhys have to figure out how to be together and please the throne at the same time. It’s a history defining spicy love story with twists and lots of emotion. This is my 2nd favorite in the series. It’s an easy 10/10! Again, it’s a standalone that overlaps with the others.”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growDiverse charactersLikable charactersMulti-layered charactersBeautifully writtenDescriptive writingEasy to readFunny writingOriginal writing
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“Loved the book was so happy how it ended recommend age prob 16+”
Characters change and growOriginal writingTwistyBeautiful settingDark setting

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