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Things We Never Got Over (Knockemout, #1)

By Lucy Score
Things We Never Got Over (Knockemout, #1) by Lucy Score digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

Bearded, bad-boy barber Knox prefers to live his life the way he takes his coffee: Alone. Unless you count his basset hound, Waylon.
Knox doesn’t tolerate drama, even when it comes in the form of a stranded runaway bride.

Naomi wasn’t just running away from her wedding. She was riding to the rescue of her estranged twin to Knockemout, Virginia, a rough-around-the-edges town where disputes are settled the old-fashioned way…with fists and beer. Usually in that order.

Too bad for Naomi her evil twin hasn’t changed at all. After helping herself to Naomi’s car and cash, Tina leaves her with something unexpected. The niece Naomi didn’t know she had. Now she’s stuck in town with no car, no job, no plan, and no home with an 11-year-old going on thirty to take care of.

There’s a reason Knox doesn’t do complications or high-maintenance women, especially not the romantic ones. But since Naomi’s life imploded right in front of him, the least he can do is help her out of her jam. And just as soon as she stops getting into new trouble he can leave her alone and get back to his peaceful, solitary life.

At least, that’s the plan until the trouble turns to real danger.

1228 Reviews

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“I could not put this book down! I do not even know where to start about talking about this book. It was such a great book. I cannot wait to start reading the next two books in this series.”
Characters change and growLikable charactersBeautifully writtenDescriptive writingEasy to readAddictiveTwistyUnpredictableBeautiful settingDark setting
Slightly Smiling Face“I really liked this book. The characters are relatable, the plot is beautiful and I personally loved how the bond between Naomi and Waylay is developed. It’s an easy read.”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growBeautifully writtenFunny writingAddictiveFast-pacedBeautiful setting
Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes“i giggled, cried, laughed, sweated… it’s a must read”
Likable charactersMulti-layered charactersDescriptive writingFunny writingFast-pacedSuspensefulRealistic settingRomantic
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“I absolutely loved this!! I don’t usually like long books but this didn’t drag on at all which was so good. Definitely would recommend!”
Reviewed in:Read with me
Easy to readFast-pacedRomantic
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“I loved this book! I really enjoyed the fact that there was more depth to the plot than in a normal romance novel. The romance was certainly the most prominent part of the plot but there was a lot going on on top of that too. The character development was there as well as depth to the character‘s background. I found myself laughing out loud as well as tearing up. Definitely a five star read for me!”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growFunny writing

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