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Off the Deep End

By Lucinda Berry
Off the Deep End by Lucinda Berry digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

From the bestselling author of The Best of Friends comes a heart-stopping psychological thriller about the shades of truth and the power of lies in the wake of one mother’s unspeakable loss.

Therapist turned stay-at-home mom Jules Hart’s idyllic suburban life shatters when she crashes her car into an icy lake. Her son and another teenage boy plunge into the water with her, but Jules can only manage to save one—the wrong one.

Reeling from the death of her son, Jules spirals into a violent and unstable mental state. Ten months after the accident, she’s still trying to reckon with the fact that she rescued Isaac Greer, another woman’s child, when Isaac suddenly vanishes.

Jules finds herself at the center of a massive police investigation. While she harbors her own dangerous secrets, Jules is adamant that she didn’t take Isaac. But then who did? Is Isaac the victim of a dangerous killer who’s been targeting boys in the Midwest? Or is someone else pulling the strings in this deadly game?

787 Reviews

Expressionless Face“Sigh …. Maybe I’m just not meant for Lucinda Berry’s writing style. But, it just feels bad to me. Probably a wildly unpopular opinion because I see so many people just rave about her work, however, for me .. this just fell so flat. I was intrigued by the premise and then the result was nothing close. It was just, not good… in my opinion. Throughout a majority of the book, I legitimately was yelling at the pages “oh my god! Is this for real!? Who are these parents!? What in the ACTUAL fuck is happening right now?“ The mom made me crazy, like legitimately turning a blind eye to major red flags and then having the audacity to say “I’d do anything for my son!” That’s a joke, right? Lol. Because this whooole thing feels a little laughable. Supremely unbelievable. As a mother, I’d never just NOT tell my husband about our child’s suicide attempt, or excuse his shitty behavior, or allow him to sit and vape in his room at 15 years old with his teenage friends and lock his bedroom door. Noooooope. This book felt insufferable lol”
TwistyAbuseSelf-harmSexual assaultViolence

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