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Kranky Kreatures: Beastly Encounters with bizarre wildlife

By Michael Buckley
Kranky Kreatures: Beastly Encounters with bizarre wildlife by Michael Buckley digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

The author indulges in the sport of tracking strange creatures to their lairs--including an unknown mammal in Bhutan, a very ugly waterbird in Cambodia, a bizarre primate in Borneo--and the highly dangerous Cassowary, in Australia. Not zoology--more like cryptozoology--coming face-to-face with near-mythical creatures.

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About Michael Buckley

A nomad at heart, Michael Buckley has travelled widely in the Himalayas, Central Asia, and South Asia. He is author of a number of books to these regions, including:

--Eccentric Explorers: wild and wacky adventurers of the Tibetan plateau
--Travels in the Tibetan World: detailing personal voyages to many Tibetan enclaves
--Shangri-La: a Travel Guide to the Himalayan Dream
--Tibet: the Bradt Travel Guide

Books about environment crisis in Tibet:

--Meltdown in Tibet (Palgrave-Macmillan, New York, 2014)
is about serious environmental issues on the Tibetan Plateau. Also available as ebook version.

--Tibet, Disrupted
is a companion digital photobook, updated and revised, published 2020. This is available for download via Amazon Kindle, Apple Books or the iTunes Store. The photo-based book is over 430 pages long and focuses on visual presentation with minimal text. The book can be hooked up from iPad to a big-screen TV or larger projector to give Keynote presentations.

--This Fragile Planet
His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Environment
Photobook with quotations from His Holiness, compiled and edited by Michael Buckley
published on Apple Books platform, Dec 2019. Published in larger-format print version by Sumeru Books, September 2021

--The Snow Leopard's New Friend
Tibetan Animal Tales. A children's book for ages 8+ featuring 10 tales about the amazing animals of Tibet. The back of the book features profiles of the real animals as well as section on Activities. Published on Amazon Kindle platform and Apple Books platform in December 2019. Published in print version by Sumeru Books, September 2021. Print version translated into Tibetan, published in India by the LTWA, September 2021.

As well as being a writer, Buckley is a passionate photographer, documentary filmmaker and environmental explorer. He is filmmaker for three short documentaries about major environmental issues in Tibet that go under-reported--or not reported at all. To find out more, go to www.WildYakFilms.com/. Short versions of these films can be viewed on Vimeo.com (just search the documentary title):

--Meltdown in Tibet == about dams and water problems on the Tibetan plateau
--From Nomad to Nobody == about the plight of the vanishing nomads of Tibet
--Plundering Tibet == about the devastating impact of mining in Tibet
--Mekong Apocalypse == about the devastating impact of...

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