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Faith: Greater Heights

By Julie Murphy
Faith: Greater Heights by Julie Murphy digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

From Julie Murphy, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Dumplin’, comes the exciting conclusion in the origin story of fan-favorite comic character Faith—a fierce, plus-size superhero.

Faith Herbert can finally admit that she’s not a regular teen—and take advantage of her new flying superpowers. After the chaos of her first semester, Faith just wants to end her senior year in a normal way—enjoying all the hallmarks of graduating high school, like prom, with her best friends Matt and Ches.

But a cryptic warning about psiots going missing and a rash of inexplicable fires means things are off to a strange start. Life goes from weird to worse when Colleen Bristow, the quiet nerd-turned-supervillain, reappears, acting like nothing ever happened.

As if that weren’t enough, rumored sightings of Faith’s ex, the beautiful Dakota Ash, who was thought to have died months ago in the warehouse fire that exposed more than a few secrets, start to emerge. Faith can’t seem to shake Dakota’s betrayal from that tragic day, but she also can’t help hoping the rumors are true. . . .

As Faith tries to balance her quest for a memorable senior year and the heartbreak of Grandma Lou’s increasing decline, she learns to have faith in herself—and that sometimes fate will point you in the right direction.

2 Reviews

“While this one felt a little slower than the first book and didn't completely live up to it, I still love just about anything Julie Murphy does and thoroughly enjoyed reading this sequel. Now I just wish Murphy had some more time to play in this universe.”
“Thank you to both the publisher, Harper Collins, and NetGalley for the opportunity to review an advanced copy of Faith: Greater Heights. I read the first book, Faith: Taking Flight, about this time last year and quite enjoyed it. This sequel does a fantastic job picking back up, where it reminds you of all the characters and plot points you need to follow without wasting any of the action on recapping everything. I was drawn right back in to Faith's world and was excited to see where she would go next. Julie Murphy is also fantastic at making me read at lightning speed and pouring through pages without realizing how quickly I'm invested. So much of this story revolves around Faith's grandmother, and finding her appropriate care. I do feel this is a critical portion of her "origin story" as the series goes. I was surprised at how much time was dedicated to this - not in a bad way, just that it's not as superhero-y as the rest. I think a lot of readers will easily relate to the family side of this story, whether they've had to find care for a loved one or are even dealing with turning 18 and obviously still needing tons of family and adult help in literally every area of life but also kind of aging out of official guardianship. Plus, living alone vs. *being* alone is such an important contrast that gets fantastic page time. This is all a sticking point to me, and it's not lost on me that Faith's efforts to help others and keep disasters at bay in her town and school are a whole different kind of guardianship. (I could see though, unless you're hot off reading the first book, how you wouldn't feel like you're dipping into a fast-paced adventurous read though. I don't think this story would work as a standalone or as your first introduction to Faith.) I was surprised, in a less great way though, how little Faith's history with fandom and conventions and writing/pop culture etc. played into this part of the story. I know the story is focused on a lot and it's not like Faith has time to be blogging while literal dumpsters are on fire, but I actually gasped with recognition when my Kindle clicked over to 50% of book read and there was a fandom reference in the chapter, which hadn't occurred until then. It's one of those things that felt important to nod to, since it's so foundational in the first book. Without any spoilers, I do think that most of the "action" is reserved for the later quarter of the book. I like getting to know more about Faith's friends and family and her ambitions (or even fear of having them, given all that's going on -- which is so relatable) but if readers are looking for action sequences galore, they're later (with a few tastes throughout.)”

About Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy lives in North Texas with her husband, who loves her, and her cats, who tolerate her. When Julie isn’t writing, she can be found watching movies so bad they're good, hunting for the perfect slice of cheese pizza, or planning her next great travel adventure. She is the author of the middle grade novels Dear Sweet Pea and Camp Sylvania as well as the young adult novels Ramona BlueSide Effects May Vary, the Faith series, Pumpkin, Puddin’, and Dumplin’ (now a Netflix original film). You can visit Julie at imjuliemurphy.com.

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