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Women Vs. The Void: Fable's Book Club of the Month

women vs the void mona awad
Every month, Fable celebrates one of our great book clubs. This month, our featured club is women vs. the void, a free club dedicated to the warmth and comfort of community: "The only thing better than a cozy read and a cup of tea, is having friends to share them with," writes founder
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Right now, they are reading “All’s Well” by Mona Awad. The book is a powerful, provocative novel about a woman at her breaking point and a formidable, piercingly funny indictment of our collective refusal to witness and believe female pain.“My book club is all about literary fiction featuring women in existential crisis, either internal or external,” said zoë, the BookTok founder of the women vs. the void book club. “I think that relatability helps a lot of readers connect with our picks.”

What makes a great book club?

zoë opened her book club earlier this year, giving her thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram a place to discuss books. She shared some advice about building an engaging community with thematic book club picks. “These characters are often ‘going through it’ in some way: struggling with their mental health, post-grad life, or more existential challenges like should you bring a child into an unjust world,” zoë told us, explaining what makes women vs. the void such a strong community.

“Many of the novels feature ‘unlikeable’ characters too. Just like real people, few of the main characters are moral authorities – they make mistakes and a million bad decisions – but that just makes these books all the more fun to read and discuss. "

“I like checking in with the club every week, asking how everyone’s weekend or week is going, or how they are liking the book so far. I also use the club lobby channel as a place for introduction posts, so people can scroll through and comment on other’s bios,” she added.

Virtual and real-life community

According to zoë, moderators should consider adding virtual or real-life events to the club menu. “Ask club members what they want to see!” she explained. “I didn’t want to assume folks would want to meet off-platform, but I asked and took feedback from the club and found out people did want to have that option. That led to monthly Zoom meetings and even in-person meetings in the Twin Cities, which have been a lot of fun!!!” She concluded by reminding moderators to give the club space to share, especially during virtual or real-life meetings. “During those meetings and in the chat, it’s good to step back and let the conversation flow. Your club members are super smart and engaged, so remember the club is for them,” she concluded.

How to add book club polls

“I also love the new poll feature,” said zoë. “I typically let my club vote on our monthly pick, and it’s great for selecting meeting dates and times, too.”It’s easy to use Fable’s new poll creation feature to help pick your next book. Just open the Fable app and find your book club.
  1. Visit any discussion room
  2. Tap the “Message” option at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap the icon with three vertical bars on the screen
  4. Select your poll type
  5. Fill out the fields for a “Text/Link” poll
  6. Choose books for a “Read Next” poll
  7. Tap “Share Poll,” and your new poll will be visible to your whole club!
How to create a book club poll

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