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When in Rome by Sarah Adams: The Fable Reading Guide

When in Rome by Sarah Adams
Welcome to another month of reading and tabbing; we’ve got another exciting book for October! After spinning the wheel – as we always do to choose our book – I can gladly announce that we’ll be reading a recently released rom-com for October! I know, I know, it would have been pretty fitting to read something spooky or dark academia-esque, but I like to defy expectations and boundaries. So, The Tabbies Annotating Bookclub will be reading “When In Rome” by Sarah Adams!
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Why you should read When in Rome

Sarah is the author of numerous romance novels with cute cartoon covers, but don’t let those fool you (iykyk).One of her most popular books would be “The Cheat Sheet” – a book I’ve wanted to read for ages, but with my ever-growing TBR [To Be Read] shelves, I’ve had to control myself – so when the wheel generator chose her most recent book, we were all pretty ecstatic!“When In Rome” is the perfect book to make you feel all cozy during a cold, rainy night. Encompassing some of my personal favorite tropes – small-town romance, opposites attract, grumpy/sunshine, and forced proximity – I would be lying if I said I wasn’t squealing my lungs out when I saw the little arrow land on the title. Our FMC [Female Main Character], Amelia Rose, is this super well-known pop star who has basically hit a wall of exhaustion, and the girl just Needs. A. Break. So, she drives off to Rome in the middle of the night. No, not Rome, Italy. Rome, Kentucky. When she gets there, though, some unfortunate events leave her on the front lawn of the town grump – who also happens to be trying to run the pie shop his grandmother left him. He obviously has zero patience to deal with a famous pop star, but he lets her stay with him until her car is fixed… but we all know there’ll be more than that.

How to annotate When in Rome

If I were to recommend an annotating system for this book, these would easily be some of the categories I would use:
  • Cute/sweet
  • Quotes
  • Unexpected
  • Banter
  • *spicy*
  • Funny
Now, as I always like to do, add a few extra tabs to your system and leave them blank. If you ever come across a few sad moments – or other types of moments that are not listed in the example system I provided – you can use one of those blank tabs and add “Sad moments” to your annotating system! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in our book club, and if you decide to read along, don’t hesitate to tag me in your posts on Instagram @rainydayslibrary ! Happy reading, Tabbies <3

Quotes from When in Rome by Sarah Adams

“Yes, Amelia, you’re okay. You’re fantastic actually. You’re just like Audrey Hepburn, taking your life into your own hands, annnnnd… you’re talking to yourself…so maybe not completely okay, but given the circumstances, semiokay.”“He continues to stand there as my face turns hot as lava and melts right off my cheekbones. That was the softest, most polite letdown I’ve ever received in my entire life, and I wasn’t even asking him out.”“Turns out, impulsive decisions really do look different in the light of day. Correction: not different—bad. They look very, very bad.”“There’s so much I don’t know about him, and I feel that lack of knowledge keenly now. I want to know him. Every nook and cranny of him. I want to study him like I’m cramming for an end-of-the-year exam. But there’s a very real chance he’ll never let me know him.”

Quotes from The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

“Bree has stepped straight out of my dreams.”“Your soul is my favorite in this entire world.” “I think some things are worth waiting for, no matter how long it takes.” “Do you see now? You’re always giving me things that remind you of me, but I’m over here stealing things that remind me of you. I’m not humoring you, Bree. I’m not taking this lightly. I’m so devastatingly in love with you, it hurts sometimes—and I have been since high school.” “To my left is a floor-to-ceiling three-million-dollar view of the ocean, but to my right is the view I would give my soul to see every day for the rest of my life.” “Bree, hope is healthy. Even if you prepare yourself for the worst in life, it will never make the fall hurt less.”“I love you too,” he whispers over and over again. “I love you, Bree. I love you. I always have.”

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