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The Ultimate Literary Gift Guide for Readers

Gift Guide
With the holidays right around the corner, many people are considering what gifts they need to get. If you know a fellow bookworm, but don't know what to gift them, here's a list of perfect gift ideas for those who love to read.

1. A special edition of their favorite book

This option is rather simple, and you cannot go wrong with it. If you know what this person's favorite book is, a limited, super beautiful edition of that book could be really special for them.

2. Book Embosser

A customized book embosser is something every book owner needs! It's the perfect way for them to mark their book as theirs, and ensure when people borrow it, that it will always go back to its rightful owner. It's just so fun to emboss your books!

3. Novel Teas

NovelTea sells tea tins that resemble famous books and contains unique tea blends. Their current collection includes: "Oscar Wilde's - The Picture of Earl Grey"™, "Anne of Green Tea Gables™", "War and Peach™ by L.N. Tolstoy", "Sense and Senchability™", and many more. With NovelTea, bookworms can get inspired by the literary quotes on their tea tins while also enjoying a cup of tea.

4. Scented Candles

Candles are great gifts in general, but they're even better when they are themed to one of your favorite things. There are a lot of online shops that sell scented soy candles with scents to go with a certain series or fictional universe. Some shops even have candles that smell like certain fictional characters.

5. Book Journal

A book journal is a perfect tool for a reader to keep track of their reading progress. And it will fit right in with their growing collection of books.

6. Book Marks

Book lovers can never have too many bookmarks. There are so many to choose from, from wooden to paper to metal--you cannot go wrong with gifting a bookmark to a bookworm. Figure out what your friend's favorite character or book is, and get them a related bookmark! For extra credit, learn how to make a bookmark!

7. Book Jewelry

A lot of jewelry makers do customized book charms and pendants. Get your bookworm friend a necklace, or some earrings with their favorite books on them.

8. Bookish Socks

Not only are socks the perfect cozy thing to wear while reading and relaxing, but you can get plenty of book-themed socks that will make any bookworm smile.

9. Bookish Tote Bag

Because every reader needs a bag to hold all of their many books in. The Shakespeare and Company tote bag is especially popular in the book community.

10. Bathtub Tray Caddy

For bookworms who like to relax in the bathtub, having a tray to ensure their books don't fall into the water is a must-have!

11. Bookends

Help a bookworm keep their book collection and bookshelves tidy with decorative bookends. From Andy Warhol bananas to beautiful marble to Grecian busts, there are many options to choose from.

12. A Book Club Subscription

Fable is a social reading platform that helps people find other like-minded readers. Telling a bookworm about Fable, or even gifting them a book, or annual subscription would give them access to so many book clubs and communities discussing books and sharing annotations!

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