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Read Like the Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Books
Ever since Gilmore Girls debuted on TV in October 2000, generations of readers have turned to the show for comfort and inspiration. The show follows the lives of single mom Lorelai and her daughter Rory. Both characters are avid readers, and books shape their life journeys. The Gilmore Girls showed us how books bring people together, and the Rory Gilmore reading list has inspired thousands of readers in the past two decades.So naturally, fans of the show have gathered on Fable to discuss their favorite books!

Meet the Gilmore To Say podcast

A shared love of the Gilmore Girls inspired TikTok creators Tara (@tarallew) and Haley (@gilmoregirlygirl) to team up with the Gilmore To Say podcast. And now, they’ve created two book clubs on Fable! The TikTok creators had been making Gilmore Girls content throughout the pandemic, and their followers encouraged them to connect. Tara and Haley teamed up to create a podcast with a rapidly growing community. They’ve already counted nearly two million podcast downloads!We caught up with the founders to find out more about the clubs. “We spend each week doing true-crime style deep-dives into the themes, relationships, and characters on this show from the perspective of two women who have been binge-watching it year after year since its daily reruns on ABC Family,” the creators explained.

"Our community started out as a handful of devoted TikTok followers and quickly grew to thousands of weekly listeners. We never imagined we’d find so many besties who feel seen because they love this show the way we do. Whether you rewatch every fall or fall asleep watching Gilmore Girls every night, we think you’d fit right in with all of us."

From podcasts to book clubs!

Inspired by Fable’s Cameron Capello, the podcast team decided to try creating a book club on Fable. Instead of a single club and a single book, the creators founded two clubs focused on two different audiences. As part of the book club launch, the podcasters started a literary segment called “Gilmore To Read,” discussing the books from both clubs. Once you finish reading, you can tune into the podcast discussion with authors and content creators.You can see what makes the two clubs unique in the sections below to find the Gilmore Girls community that is right for you!
Join the Where You Read, I Will Follow book club
The first book club is for “readers who like to read like Rory.” They read books from the Rory Gilmore reading list and also choose contemporary books her character might have appreciated.“We are alternating between books Rory references on the show and finding books that Rory would be reading today,” they said. “By alternating with some contemporary picks, we are able to diversify our club TBR because too many of the books on Rory’s reading list are written by old white men.”

"In April, all of our listeners were so excited to read Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, so for May we’re switching to contemporary literary fiction. "The Idiot" by Elif Batuman is a Pulitzer Prize finalist about a Turkish immigrant in her freshman year at Harvard. We think Rory Gilmore would jump at the chance to join us in May to read this book written by a Harvard-educated journalist."

Join the Reading Is Sexy book club
The second book club is for people who love “books that feel like Gilmore Girls.” The podcasters pick books with “witty banter, swoon-worthy romances, men written by women, small towns, friends to lovers, mother/daughter relationships, autumnal vibes, and plenty of drama!”

"We want to choose books that have some of your favorite elements of Gilmore Girls in them. Is there witty banter? Is the main character committed to her academic career? Does the main character have a complicated relationship with her parents? Did the couple break off their engagement only to pine for each other after? The answer to all of these questions is yes for both Gilmore Girls and our May pick, “Happy Place” by Emily Henry!

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