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Read & Watch Purple Hearts by Tess Wakefield

Purple Hearts Netflix
Did you know the Netflix movie "Purple Hearts" was actually based on a book? That being said, can you guess which book The Tabbies will be reading and annotating for September? It’s pretty obvious… we’ll be reading "Purple Hearts" by Tess Wakefield!
Read Purple Hearts with Tabbies Annotating Book Club on Fable!
In August, I decided that I wanted to include more activities and “things” to do as a virtual bookclub. So, I came up with “Read & Watch Month” which basically means that we choose one month where we will read a book and then watch the movie (based on the book) at the end of the month. With "Purple Hearts" going absolutely viral on TikTok and other social media platforms, we decided that it would be pretty interesting to see if the book and movie match at all, and what our opinions are afterwards. And so, we’ve decided to Read & Watch "Purple Hearts" for the month of September. In short, Purple Hearts is a contemporary romance book with a few of my favorite tropes; those being marriage of convenience and enemies to lovers (ish). Just read the book-blurb (AKA the synopsis), and you’ll see why I’m super excited to read it! It’ll be the perfect book to start September on the right foot – who doesn’t like a good marriage of convenience romance, right? Especially with school starting back up, we all need to make sure that we set aside a few hours of the day as “me-time”, and if you know me, you’ll already know that any and all “me-time” that I get I will spend it reading! But it’s a bit more than just setting aside a bit of time. When creating “Read & Watch Month”, I was also in the hopes of getting all of us, myself included, to take some time off from real life. Yes, by reading, but also by setting a date and watching a movie together. Speaking of watching a movie together, I’ll be announcing on Instagram when the official date for the movie is, so you can also get cozy, grab your popcorn, and start the movie at home! If you do end up watching the movie at the same time as us, make sure to tag me on your Instagram stories @rainydayslibrary, I’d love to see it! Get yourself a copy of "Purple Hearts" and set those “me-time” hours aside. It’s time to “tab” (hehe, see what I did there? Tab… as in tabbing/tabbies/annotating? No? Okay) along with The Tabbies for another book, and this time you’ll also be needing some popcorn for the movie! Happy reading, lil Raindrops!

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