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Love To Read? Here Are All the Benefits!

Benefits of Reading
Stress, anxiety, depression, and social isolation are on the rise, and reading books is a simple solution that anybody can try.Stories promote empathy, social perception, emotional intelligence, and other cognitive abilities that can lead to better physical and mental health​. In a world struggling with cognitive dissonance and toxic behaviors on social media, a reading habit delivers digital nutrition.Research has proven that reading is a simple yet powerful tool to improve our mental wellness. We want all Fable readers to enjoy those same benefits.

An epidemic of anxiety and depression

Last month, the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy sounded the alarm on the vast potential for harm posed by social media. The highest health official in the country cited a study that showed young people who spent more than three hours a day on social media "faced double the risk of experiencing poor mental health outcomes including symptoms of depression and anxiety."The report included this absolutely frightening result from a study of social media use among college students:

"In a unique natural experiment that leveraged the staggered introduction of a social media platform across U.S. colleges, the roll-out of the platform was associated with an increase in depression (9% over baseline) and anxiety (12% over baseline) among college-aged youth. The study’s co-author also noted that when applied across the entirety of the U.S. college population the introduction of the social media platform may have contributed to more than 300,000 new cases of depression."

Millions of readers have discovered that reading books can help reduce daily stress and anxiety. One study found that 30 minutes of reading is as helpful as 30 minutes of yoga!While you can find plenty of self-help books that teach you strategies for improving your mental health, the simple act of reading has its own set of rewards. It's a kind of literary medicine!

The Benefits of Reading, According To Actual Readers!

Nobody has ever said, "I wish I read less." We know the activity is good for us, but we rarely notice all the benefits we reap from book reading. To find out more about the real-life experiences of people who love to read, we turned to the Books subreddit. This literary corner of Reddit counts millions of dedicated readers, and they had lots of answers to the question: "What are the concrete benefits of reading?"We rounded up some of those life-changing responses from these literary Reddit users. 
1. Empathy
One often overlooked benefit of reading is the development of empathy. By exposing oneself to different perspectives and life experiences through literature, one can gain a better understanding of others. This is especially true for memoirs and fiction that offer insight into diverse backgrounds and cultures
2. Vocabulary Expansion
Reading is an effective way to expand one's vocabulary. Engaging with books introduces readers to new words, leading to improved spelling and language skills. It also magnifies your reading comprehension skills, opening up literary horizons for the future.
3. Imagination and Creativity
Reading stimulates the imagination in a unique way that other forms of media can't replicate. It allows readers to engage with stories and characters, fostering creativity in their daily lives.
4. Cognitive Enhancements
Regular reading can enhance attention span and concentration, which is especially important in a fast-paced and technology-centered world. Additionally, reading exercises the brain, improving comprehension, cognitive abilities, and analytical sense.
5. Stress Relief
Reading serves as a form of escapism, allowing readers to leave their own lives behind for a while. This can provide stress relief and serve as a relaxing activity.
6. Knowledge Acquisition
Books, especially non-fiction works, offer a wealth of knowledge about various subjects. They provide an in-depth exploration that surpasses the level of information typically found in videos, lectures, or articles.
7. Language Learning
For non-native speakers, reading can be an excellent way to learn a language. It provides immersion and exposure to different linguistic structures, aiding in language acquisition.
8. Social Connection
Reading can help combat feelings of loneliness and provide a sense of connection. By delving into books, individuals may find solace and a way to relate to others.

Start your reading journey today

It's important to remember that while these benefits have been shared and endorsed by these Reddit readers, individual experiences may vary. However, reading can undoubtedly offer numerous advantages, making it a valuable and enriching activity.It doesn't matter whether you choose a classic novel like "Jane Eyre" or "The Great Gatsby," a modern favorite like "The Book Thief" or "To Kill a Mockingbird" or a trending TikTok title like "Fourth Wing" or "Happy Place." No matter what book you choose, you'll still reap all of these rewards cited by great readers!

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