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How To Make A Mood List on Fable

Fable Mood Lists
Being a mood reader can be both a blessing and a curse - trust me, I would know. It’s great because you get to read multiple types of books depending on your mood, but it can be frustrating for the same reason. What if you feel like reading something really specific - say, a hockey romance with a tormented male main character (MMC) that has a soft spot ONLY for the female main character (FMC), and he’s also a single dad and is secretly such a softy - this can be such a hassle to find in a simple Google search. Thankfully, we have a wide community of readers recommending books with super-specific tropes, and finding new books is not as complicated as it once was for mood readers! 

Start your first book list!

Did you know you could make your own lists on Fable? It’s incredibly easy to do and will help you organize your books. Whether you’re looking to make a list for your physical - and digital TBR - books you want to buy, upcoming releases you’re excited about, or making “mood lists” (we’ll dive deeper into what those are throughout this post), you can make them on Fable! To make a new list on Fable, follow these steps:
  1. Make sure you’re logged into your account.
  2. Go to your bookshelf.
  3. Select “Your Lists”
  4. Click the blue button with a + sign in the bottom corner to the right.
  5. Choose a name and a short description for your list, select whether you want this list to be private or not, and click “Done.”
  6. Start adding books and sharing your lists with friends!Book List Creation

Fable Editorial Curated Lists

The editorial team at Fable is always on the lookout for new releases, BookTok famous books, and niche recommendations. When you go to the “Bookstore” section on the Fable app and scroll down, you’ll find a wide variety of lists made by the editorial team, such as “Trending on Booktok,” “Rainy Day Reads,” “Cottage Core Spring,” and so many more. The amazing people in our editorial team take the time to browse social media so you don’t have to, putting together lists of all varieties, meaning there is something for everyone. You’ll definitely find some books you’ve never heard of - or maybe you have if you’re looking at our “Trending on Booktok” list. 

Making Mood Lists on Fable

If you’re looking for something even MORE specific, you can take matters into your own hands and curate your own set of lists for future-you - I LOVE doing this. I like setting time aside weekly to update or create new lists. After browsing social media and finding new book recommendations (which are often super specific - thank you, fellow bookish influencers), add them to the corresponding lists. As for creating “mood lists” from scratch,  I usually try to think of specific feelings that I want to feel when reading. That set of feelings becomes the list’s description, and from there, I come up with a fun title. For example:Love is in the AirPass me the tissuesCall Me SherlockJust Because🌶I must escapeTake me back

Sharing & Saving Lists on Fable

The list-building feature on Fable is not only AMAZING to help mood readers like me, but it can be used in so many other ways. Build lists of books you own, books you’ve read, books you want to buy, books you specifically want to ask for as presents (lists are super easily shareable, so you can send them to friends and family if ever they ask you what you want for your birthday) or you could even make a list for your best friend and send it to them as a little present… and speaking of Fable lists and friends, you can also save lists that your friends - or the people you follow on Fable - make. For example, some of my favorite bookish influencers are on Fable - such as Sloan and Kyre from Crow Club, Larry from Larryreads, Kris and Maddie from The Sisterhood, Ruby Granger from Reading with the Seasons, and SO many more. I know I can always trust these fantastic people with new book recs, so I love following their TBRs on Fable and adding them to my own, creating a vast array of books to add to my TBR - or my super specific “mood lists.” With all that being said, if you haven’t started making lists on Fable yet, try it now! Trust me, the satisfaction you’ll feel at the end is worth it. 

Keep reading on Fable

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