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We Celebrate Pride Every Day at Fable

Pride Month
It’s always the right time to celebrate values of inclusion and belonging. So let me begin by wishing everyone a Happy Pride Month, today and every day!At Fable, we work hard every day to welcome everyone with a sense of belonging to our community. From the authors we feature, the book clubs we spotlight, and the active discussions we moderate to the affiliates and partners we choose to work with, Fable nurtures a deep sense of belonging. 

Fable spotlights  LGBTQ+ books & authors 

Belonging is when someone feels safe to be their whole and authentic self at work, school, and home, without feeling isolated, judged or discounted for their differences. LQBTQ+ readers and writers alike belong at Fable, sharing and learning in safe communities.We are proud to host nearly 250 book clubs on Fable led by LGBTQ+ readers and their allies, discussing books written by amazing LGBTQ+ authors. This month, we are shining the spotlight on many of these book clubs on our website and app, and I would invite all of you to join these thriving communities.In addition, you will find great book recommendations by LGBTQ+ authors and LGBTQ+ themes in our Fable FoliosSocial belonging is a fundamental human need. It’s not enough to simply include people and give them a token seat at the table. It’s imperative to amplify everyone’s voices, acknowledge representation, clear barriers, and appreciate each other for our unique backgrounds. 

Speak up against the book-banning attempts to silence LGBTQ+ voices

Even as we bring a new sense of belonging and inclusion to our lives, these values are under assault in schools and libraries around the country.I was shocked when 29 states in the U.S. introduced bills or took other steps to limit how teachers discuss racism and sexism. These laws often include confusing and wide-sweeping restrictions on texts related to race, gender, and sexuality.One Texas legislator proposed banning 850 books in public schools, and 62 percent of those books featured LBGTQIA+ characters or discussed gender identity issues that are critical to building an inclusive society. “Efforts like these are trying to erase LBGTQIA+ people, our voices, our history, our existence, and the words used to describe us positively,” wrote author David Levithan, the first moderator of the Authors Guild’s Banned Books Club on Fable.  Here at Fable, we will continue to proudly read the LBGTQIA+ books and authors targeted by book-banning campaigns. During this time of great uncertainty, we need to get back to the basic reason why humans want to connect around stories: to find purpose, community, safety, love, and, above all, belonging.We elevate and highlight the voices of all humans, going out of our way to make everyone feel seen and heard, regardless of gender, religion, geographic location, economic status, sexual orientation, personality type, and abilities.At Fable, we believe everyone is the author of their own story. We’re committed to fostering a community of diverse voices where everyone feels like they belong. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our story, so we are dedicated to celebrating our differences while bound together as one vibrant, ever-evolving community.Find a Fable book club today and start sharing your story!

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