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Read with the boygenius book club

boygenius book club
“Do you love boygenius? Do you love books? Well, you’re in luck because the boygenius book club is officially happening,” says Francesca, the BookTokker who founded a buzzy new community on Fable. The club is reading books recommended by members of the indie pop supergroup, boygenius. They are launching with Rachel Yoder’s debut novel “Nightbitch,” the story of an artist turned stay-at-home mom who becomes convinced she’s turning into a dog.
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What is boygenius?

boygenius is an indie band founded by three amazing artists: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. “boygenius likes to read, and I do not mean that in a casual sense,” explained a Rolling Stone journalist in an interview with the band. “A majority of our lunch is spent discussing literary fiction, where they ping-pong across the table with their recent reads." At the top of the list, all three bandmembers said they loved Rachel Yoder’s “Nightbitch,” so the book club kicks off with that pick. You can now read this outrageously original novel of ideas about art, power, and womanhood with more than 1,200 other boygenius fans.

Who founded the boygenius book club?

“This all started a week ago when I made a TikTok saying that I wish someone would make a boygenius book club because they recommend so many great books in their interviews, explains Francesca. “A lot of you guys agreed with me, so I created our book club on Fable!”Francesca (@whatsfranreading) is a New York City-based reader. “I read primarily literary fiction and a little romance,” she said. “So I’m excited for the boys to spice up my reading a bit!” As you get ready to read Nightbitch, you can watch “boygenius, the film,” a video directed by Kristen Stewart.

Great Nightbitch Quotes

“Nightbitch” will make you want to howl in laughter and recognition. Readers have been highlighting great quotes inside this book for years.Here are just a few of the novel’s most thought-provoking passages.

"I think working mother is perhaps the most nonsensical concept ever concocted. I mean, who isn't a working mother? And then add a paid job to it, so what are you then? A working working mother? Imagine saying working father."― Rachel Yoder

"You light a fire early in your girlhood. You stoke it and tend it. You protect it at all costs. You don't let it rage into a mountain of light, because that's not becoming of a girl. You keep it secret. You let it burn.― Rachel Yoder

“Insist on your joy.” ― Rachel Yoder

“In such moments, she could almost touch her loneliness, as if it were her second child.” ― Rachel Yoder

"Show was prone to anxiety, to worry, to a sensation in her chest that her heart my explode. She ran hot. She buzzed. Either she needed to keep busy or else she needed to lie down and sleep. Her husband, on the other hand, needed nothing whatsoever."― Rachel Yoder

“How many generations of women had delayed their greatness only to have time extinguish it completely? How many women had run out of time while the men didn’t know what to do with theirs? And what a mean trick to call such things holy or selfless. How evil to praise women for giving up each and every dream.” ― Rachel Yoder

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