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Arianna Huffington, Padma Warrior, and Kelli Thompson: Highlights from the Mental Wellness Discussion

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Fable hosted a special virtual event with Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of The Huffington Post and founder of Thrive Global, discussing the important theme of mental wellness with Padmasree Warrior, the founder of Fable. The conversation was hosted by author and Leading with Confidence Book Club coach, Kelli Thompson. Watch the whole video conversation here!

Get To Know Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, the co-founder of The Huffington Post, and the author of 15 books. She has been named to Time magazine's list of the world's 100 Most Influential People, and the Forbes Most Powerful Women list. Arianna has been a passionate advocate for mental wellbeing, especially in the context of work. She wrote a book called "Thrive" about her own wake-up call after collapsing from burnout in 2014, and launched Thrive Global in 2016 to end the collective delusion that burnout is the price we must pay for success.
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During the virtual event, Arianna Huffington answered questions about many aspects of her work, and we’ve collected a few highlights for you to explore.

Arianna Huffington on Her Journey with Mental Health

“ I literally collapsed from sleep deprivation and burnout. I hit my head on my desk and broke my cheekbone. It was in April 2005, two years into building the Huffington Post, and I was the divorced mother of two daughters. I had bought into the collective delusion that in order to succeed, you have to burn out.”

"The truth is that although we're doing jobs we we love, we are not our jobs. If I stopped being CEO of Thrive, you stop being a great coach and author [Kelli] and Padma stop being CFA, we will not disappear. Our identity is much more than that. And it includes "the third leg of the stool," the third metric, which is our well being and health, because without it, we cannot be connected to the mystery of life, connect to our own wisdom and give back. And that's a complete life."

On The Importance of Reading

"I like to read books on Work trans and media etc. But at night, I love to read books on philosophy, poetry, spirituality, books that transport me to another dimension. And I think this is so important to have some connection to that deeper dimension of life. " - Arianna Huffington

"My favorite genre is sci fi and fantasy fiction. Because I think it allows us to imagine what our future might be like. Sometimes it is a story about using technology, but it's sometimes about world building. When we read these genres, these characters allows us to explore concepts like greed, power, corruption. I also look for beautiful writing" - Padmasree Warrior

 "There's no one right book to read to improve your wellness. You choose books that move you, how they make you feel in your body, where they make you feel grounded, whether they make you feel resilient, or they make you cry, they evoke emotion. If you haven't found that genre yet, keep reading." - Kelli Thompson

How the Pandemic Affected Mental Wellness

"I recommend everyone to build 10 minute breaks between your work meetings or wherever you're going. Don't just go back to back. Microsoft has done and published research that says when you take a break for 10 minutes between one meeting to another meeting. I also go for long walks and listen to audio podcasts and book stories. My favorite podcast is the New Yorker fiction podcast. I highly recommend it!" - Padmasree Warrior

"You need to meet people in the middle of work in their workflow in order to be able to sustainably reduce stress." - Arianna Huffington

On What to do if You Already Experience Burnout

"The first thing is recognizing it and then knowing that we can get out of that cycle. If you're burned out, increasing the amount of sleep is going to be absolutely key and as much as possible, letting yourself sleep without an alarm clock. Diet is also crucial. Reducing sugar and processed foods helps reduce inflammation, which also contributes to burnout. Movement, even if you're not used to working out regularly, just walking is enough." - Arianna Huffington

"Set yourself a goal of 1% improvement every single day. Sleep a minute longer, or if you're trying to eat healthy, replace whatever carbs with a salad and maybe a fruit. It's doing one little thing. I'll read like five minutes today, I'll read 10 minutes tomorrow. I think those are things that I think that essential." - Padmasree Warrior

On Setting Boundaries During the Holidays

"I think whatever you're motivated by and whatever gives you joy, prioritizing that is nothing more than setting boundary. No boundaries can also be set without being too rigid. What do I mean by that? I always talk about integration not balance for work and family. Because, to me, balance always suggests perfection." - Padmasree Warrior

"You can complete a project by dropping it. Sometimes you have all these incomplete projects in our heads. Some you will have started, some you haven't even started but they still take bandwidth in our brain. So I do regular audits. I wanted to become a good skier but I realized I would never invest the time and energy to become a good skier. So I've completed the skiing project by dropping. I now made myself feel comfortable just going skiing leisurely with my daughters and then sitting by the fire reading a good book while they're skiing." - Arianna Huffington

The Benefits of Reading

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