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William Alexander



William Alexander, the author of two critically acclaimed books, lives in New York's Hudson Valley. By day the IT director at a research institute, he made his professional writing debut at the age of fifty-three with a national bestseller about gardening, The $64 Tomato. His second book, 52 Loaves, chronicled his quest to bake the perfect loaf of bread, a journey that took him to such far-flung places as a communal oven in Morocco and an abbey in France, as well as into his own backyard to grow, thresh, and winnow wheat. The Boston Globe called Alexander "wildly entertaining," the New York Times raved that "his timing and his delivery are flawless," and the Minneapolis Star Tribune observed that "the world would be a less interesting place without the William Alexanders who walk among us." A 2006 Quill Book Awards finalist, Alexander won a Bert Greene Award from the IACP for his article on bread, published in Saveur magazine. A passion bordering on obsession unifies all his writing. He has appeared on NPR's Morning Edition and at the National Book Festival in Washington DC and is a frequent contributor to the New York Times op-ed pages, where he has opined on such issues as the Christmas tree threatening to ignite his living room and the difficulties of being organic. Now, in Flirting with French, he turns his considerable writing talents to his perhaps less considerable skills: becoming fluent in the beautiful but maddeningly illogical French language.

William Alexander Books

Hispanic Star: Celia Cruz book cover

Hispanic Star: Celia Cruz

Claudia Romo Edelman
Hispanic Star en español: Celia Cruz book cover

Hispanic Star en español: Celia Cruz

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Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World book cover

Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World

William Alexander
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William Alexander
A Properly Unhaunted Place book cover

A Properly Unhaunted Place

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William Alexander
Ambassador book cover


William Alexander
Flirting with French book cover

Flirting with French

William Alexander
Expositor's Bible- The Epistles of St. John - The Original Classic Edition book cover

Expositor's Bible- The Epistles of St. John - The Original Classic Edition

William Alexander
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Ghoulish Song

William Alexander
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Goblin Secrets

William Alexander
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52 Loaves

William Alexander
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Ordinary Recovery

William Alexander
The $64 Tomato book cover

The $64 Tomato

William Alexander
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