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Stephen Gallagher



Stephen Gallagher (1954- )
Stoker and World Fantasy Award nominee, winner of British Fantasy and International Horror Guild Awards for his short fiction, Stephen Gallagher has a career both as a novelist and as a creator of primetime miniseries and episodic television. His fifteen novels include Chimera, Oktober, Valley of Lights and Nightmare, with Angel. He's the creator of Sebastian Becker, Special Investigator to the Lord Chancellor's Visitor in Lunacy, in a series of novels that includes The Kingdom of Bones, The Bedlam Detective, and The Authentic William James. In his native England he's adapted and created hour-long and feature-length thrillers and crime dramas. In the US he was lead writer on NBC's Crusoe, creator of CBS Television's Eleventh Hour, and Co-Executive Producer on ABC's The Forgotten. Recent screen credits include an award-winning Silent Witness and Stan Lee's Lucky Man.

Stephen Gallagher Books

Inferno book cover


Nathan Ballingrud
The Dark book cover

The Dark

Ellen Datlow
The Authentic William James book cover

The Authentic William James

Stephen Gallagher
Dying of Paradise: the Trilogy book cover

Dying of Paradise: the Trilogy

Stephen Gallagher
Plots and Misadventures book cover

Plots and Misadventures

Stephen Gallagher
Out of his Mind book cover

Out of his Mind

Stephen Gallagher
The Spirit Box book cover

The Spirit Box

Stephen Gallagher
White Bizango book cover

White Bizango

Stephen Gallagher
The Painted Bride book cover

The Painted Bride

Stephen Gallagher
Red, Red Robin book cover

Red, Red Robin

Stephen Gallagher
Nightmare, with Angel book cover

Nightmare, with Angel

Stephen Gallagher
Rain book cover


Stephen Gallagher
Nightmare Magazine, Issue 79 (April 2019) book cover

Nightmare Magazine, Issue 79 (April 2019)

John Joseph Adams
Follower book cover


Stephen Gallagher
Down River book cover

Down River

Stephen Gallagher
The Boat House book cover

The Boat House

Stephen Gallagher
Oktober book cover


Stephen Gallagher
Valley of Lights book cover

Valley of Lights

Stephen Gallagher
Chimera book cover


Stephen Gallagher
Fantasy Tales 4 book cover

Fantasy Tales 4

Kim Newman
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