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Richard Bowes has won two World Fantasy Awards, published several novels, including the 2013 Lambda nominated Dust Devil on a Quiet Street, and four short story collections including 2013's, The Queen, the Cambion and Seven Others and If Angels Fight. He has published over seventy short stories.

Richard Bowes Books

Haunted Legends book cover

Haunted Legends

Ellen Datlow
Blood and Other Cravings book cover

Blood and Other Cravings

Ellen Datlow
Supernatural Noir book cover

Supernatural Noir

Ellen Datlow
Lovecraft Unbound book cover

Lovecraft Unbound

Ellen Datlow
The Beastly Bride book cover

The Beastly Bride

Ellen Datlow
The Coyote Road book cover

The Coyote Road

Ellen Datlow
Salon Fantastique book cover

Salon Fantastique

Ellen Datlow
In the Shadow of the Towers book cover

In the Shadow of the Towers

Douglas Lain
Sleep Walking Now and Then book cover

Sleep Walking Now and Then

Richard Bowes
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