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Mary-Frances Winters



Mary-Frances Winters is the founder and president of the Winters Group Inc., a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm. She has been helping clients create inclusive environments for over three decades. Winters was named a diversity pioneer by Profiles in Diversity Journal and is the recipient of the prestigious ATHENA Award as well as the Winds of Change Award conferred by the Forum on Workplace Inclusion. She was named by Forbes as one of the top ten diversity and inclusion consultants. Winters is also the author of the bestselling We Can’t Talk about That at Work.

Mary-Frances Winters Books

We Can't Talk about That at Work! Second Edition book cover

We Can't Talk about That at Work! Second Edition

Mary-Frances Winters
Racial Justice at Work book cover

Racial Justice at Work

Mary-Frances Winters
Black Fatigue book cover

Black Fatigue

Mary-Frances Winters
Inclusive Conversations book cover

Inclusive Conversations

Mary-Frances Winters
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