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Leah Johnson



Leah Johnson's résumé includes the words Obama, Kay Hagen, and City Councilwoman, but what she has come to find out is that "mom" is the best title she's ever added to her résumé. After a career that fueled her addiction to success and other things, life was dark, and something had to change. Forced to take a step back, she re-evaluated her priorities and started fresh in many ways. Now she lives with a freedom to be herself and know how far from perfect she is. As an imperfect mother of two, she sometimes says bad words, frequently forgets to pack snacks for preschool, and on occasion, her kids eat popsicles for breakfast. But she knows she is doing the best she can, and that is all people can do on their journey. She had a whole lot of traumas early in life that made the middle part tough. But through an intense spiritual awakening, a reevaluation of priorities, and kicking a few addictions, Leah has confronted her trauma, has found a way to pull herself out of the depths of sadness, and is now on a powerful journey of self-advocacy in pursuit of finding fantastic joy.Leah grew up in Loveland, Colorado, and has an undergraduate degree from Boston University, and half of a master's degree in Public Policy and Administration from North- western University (because, well, sometimes you just don't finish things). She has had a 20-year career in campaign politics and public affairs. Her little family unit is everything to her, and she spends every free moment she can with them traveling the world or having dance parties in their kitchen.

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Finding Fantastic Joy

Leah Johnson
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