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Laird Barron



Laird Barron spent his early years in Alaska. He is the author of several books, including The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All, Swift to Chase, and Worse Angels. His work has also appeared in many magazines and anthologies. Barron currently resides in the Rondout Valley writing stories about the evil that men do.

Laird Barron Books

Blood and Other Cravings book cover

Blood and Other Cravings

Ellen Datlow
Haunted Legends book cover

Haunted Legends

Ellen Datlow
Inferno book cover


Nathan Ballingrud
Children of Lovecraft book cover

Children of Lovecraft

Ellen Datlow
Nightmare Carnival book cover

Nightmare Carnival

Ellen Datlow
Supernatural Noir book cover

Supernatural Noir

Ellen Datlow
Lovecraft Unbound book cover

Lovecraft Unbound

Ellen Datlow
It Was All A Dream book cover

It Was All A Dream

Brandon Applegate
Isolation: The horror anthology book cover

Isolation: The horror anthology

Dan Coxon
Joren Falls book cover

Joren Falls

Laird Barron
Come Join Us By the Fire Season 2 book cover

Come Join Us By the Fire Season 2

Laird Barron
Wonder and Glory Forever book cover

Wonder and Glory Forever

Nick Mamatas
Fearful Symmetries book cover

Fearful Symmetries

Ellen Datlow
Worse Angels book cover

Worse Angels

Laird Barron
Nightmare Magazine, Issue 81 (June 2019) book cover

Nightmare Magazine, Issue 81 (June 2019)

John Joseph Adams
Black Mountain book cover

Black Mountain

Laird Barron
Blood Standard book cover

Blood Standard

Laird Barron
The Case Against Satan book cover

The Case Against Satan

Ray Russell
Seize the Night book cover

Seize the Night

Christopher Golden
Protectors 2: Heroes book cover

Protectors 2: Heroes

Andrew Vachss
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